Even the billionaire club owners didn’t understand the lesson

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On Twitter, there’s an account named “Things that lasted longer than the ESL”. It includes Evergreen’s six-day stint stuck in the Suez Canal, one time KFC ran out of chicken, and Gemma Collins’ woeful I am a Celebrity appearance.

It served amusement to football fans across the world at the…

Sometimes, money becomes secondary in your writing journey

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My highest earning story on Medium is an article on programming. It is also the first article I published on this platform. Despite its success though, I didn’t think of publishing another programming article ever again.

Am I secretly a masochist who hates it when nice things happen to me…

Personal Essay

Confessions of a child who grew up with parents in a failed marriage

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“I’m still in this marriage because of my children”

It’s something my mother told me, told her, in defense of staying in a marriage that was nothing but a breeding ground of rage and venom.

My parents fought. Every single day. Without failure. Their reasons to fight were never important…

Telling You Something

Sort of a geek and very much a dreamer.

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